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Oh... my... monkeyballs! If you love all things monkeys and primates, then you have found the only meme coin worth your time.

The narrative is quite simple...

Elon Musk has a monkeys list on X (formerly known as Twitter) that has not been activated as of this publishing, but fret not, friends, because the primate-related accounts on the X platform are growing each week.

In July 2023, he revealed on spaces that his character in Diablo is monkeyballs! (listen). Elon’s obvious obsession with our closest DNA relatives is clear. His passion likely stems from his research studying how to enable a person with paralysis, among other disabilities, to use a computer or phone with their brain activity alone via his company, Neuralink.

Well, we also have an obsession with monkeys, and we want you to join our tribe in becoming the first organically grown, crazed community on X! Our project evolved from a bad developer's contract, which is now in our past, to what you see today, Monkeys Token

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Monkey Business

In this list you can find a collection of propaganda, scam talk and outright manipulators. Here you'll find the epicenter of all things monkey business on, follow now!

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